provides 24/7 support and service for all our rental safes. When you rent a safe from us, you'll have the full support of a nationwide company. We even service safes that are not ours. Call for additional details.

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- Jammed ATM machines

- ATM openings and installations

- Lost combinations

- Lock repair

- Safe moves and removals

- Emergency safe openings

- Safe lock repair and replacement

- Handle and bolt work repair

- Safe installation

- Combination changes

- Vault moving



We deliver, install, and service right
from our warehouse to you. Our
knowledgeable staff will answer
any questions you have about service.


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"My old safe sat around for years until I came across They were able to open my run down safe so that I could retrieve all my valuables. I even had restore my old safe to near new condition. My wife and I had no idea that a full service safe company like this was even available. 

- Charles Henley - San Diego, California


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Fire Safes - Burglary and Fire Safes - Depository Safes - Data and Media Safes - Large High Security Safes - Various Others - 24/7 Service and Support  


Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Outside dimensions include handle and object projection.  

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